Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Interview with Nigerian Pace Sensation: Akolade Saheed O

Hello Prince welcome to Associate and Affiliate Cricket. As we always start the Interview we would start with the question like always

For the interest of Wider world, I would like to ask you what is the status of cricket in your country?
The Status of cricket in Nigeria is not bad because Nigeria is an associate member of ICC and Cricket is
the first sport played in Nigeria and Nigeria cricket Federation is trying to develop the game all over
Nigeria but it's not easy for them because the game is not popular in the Country, People focus on
football a lot.

Akolade bowling. The picture is testimony to pace he can deliver

What is required for taking cricket to next level in your country?
We need the Nigeria Government to support the Nigeria Cricket Federation and we need sponsors to help NCF with development program and help they create tournament and league.We lack cricket educational
program for coaches, Umpires and all the officials. We lack good cricket pitches. 
What are the challenges in playing for an Associate Nation?
The matches we play at the ICC World Cricket League are good but we don't get to rest effort to play good
cricket because sometimes we land in a country and we have to play 2 games straight away.. I am happy
playing the tournaments but this are some challenges we face sometimes.

What should ICC do to make the game global in true sense?
ICC are doing a very great job in developing the game globally but if they can do 50% more of what they
are currently doing, i believe there will be more progress in associate cricket.

How does it feel to be a star in your country at such a young age?
I feel very happy and proud but I am still working very hard because I know one day i will lead the
country to glory. I have a lot of cricket currently coming my way.. Playing the 2011/2012 cricket season
in the CCC Cricket League in Lagos, Nigeria and 2012 cricket season to play in England.. I want to be a
professional Cricketer one day.

What are the steps that need to be taken to make cricket self sufficient financially in Nigeria?
Nigeria Government assisting with fund yearly just like ICC, Getting cooperate Sponsors and Nigeria
Cricket Federation need to find something that will generate funds for them.

Do you feel you can match the pace of  legends of West Indies or Shoaib Akhtar?
Yes.. Currently i am still young and i am bowling very quick now.. Coaches and Umpires at the World Cricket League 6 told me that i can really be very quick one day like Dale Steyn and others.
I believe i can bowl around the 160 Kph mark one day
Can Cricket pick up as a game in Nigeria
Yes..We development program are in place... People Love cricket here in Nigeria 

What else would you like to share?
Watch Out for Saheed Akolade in some years time
I have trails next year in a county in England and i am getting ready for it.I am currently 18 years now
Why do you want to play in England
cricket in Nigeria is not pro.I rather play in England and improve my cricket with top coaches and facilities
and help Nigeria in international tournaments

If cricket turns Pro in Nigeria so will you be willing to play for Nigeria
Thanks Saheed for taking out time. We are sure that you will be the next sensation from Associate World to rock the Cricket World. A very best from our side. 

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