Monday, 10 October 2011

Interview: Nigerian Star and Captain, Endurance Ofem

Today we have with us the Nigerian Star and Captain, Endurance Ofem. We must thank him for taking out time and Associate and Affiliate Cricket World Welcomes him

Endurance Ofem in action

For the interest of Wider world, I would like to ask you what is the status of cricket in your country?
Cricket in nigeria is a growing sports that is played in various states of the country. Most of the cricket played in the country centers around the south western states like Lagos, ogun, oyo, and a few others like EDO, delta, enugu, imo, anambra, kaduna, Kebbi, and abuja.
Its most at club level with various leagues. You can follow them @ or

What is required for taking cricket to next level in your country?
I think the administrative fronts structures are been set up but we require a decent financial base to set up indoor facilities and turf like playing surfaces backed with constant tours against decent opponents. Some level of professionalism is required and the board and government have to look towards this direction.

What are the challenges in playing for a Associate Nation?
The lack of facilities and funding has been the major challenges for us as an associate nation. The fact that you can't play above your league because of the level of cricket and the amount of funding.

What should ICC do to make the game global in true sense?
Expand the world cup and readjust the qualifying process. It needs to be truely global. Introduce the game to commonwealth and the olympics games.

How does it feel to be a star in your country at such a young age?
well I feel privilege and honored to be representing my country. I call it giving back mostly when you get little wearing the green colours. That am proud of. This have always been my dreams but even at a much higher level.

What are the steps that need to be taken to make cricket self sufficient financially in Nigeria?
Nigeria's cricket needs a solid financial base with a strong club structures. The government needs to invest in the federation understanding the icc development and funding process. on field performance is number 1 priority and player development is key to deliver this which should later turn into returns. Professionalism must be introduce to expand the interest base of growing cricketers who should see a reason to want to play the game, then the corporate world and market will come in. But they are required combine factors.

Thank you Endurance for taking out time. We wish Nigeria all the best for future, and we hope that in future like football Nigeria becomes a major cricketing nation. 

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