Friday, 24 June 2011

The Innovation that can be used for Domestic IPL Style T20 tournaments

The cricket was established at Test Cricket. It spread to 6 Test Nations and then firmed itself there but not expanding to new territories. Then second thrust came when ODI format came into being and the total Test Nation became as 10. Now a third thrust has come in form of T20 that can be used to take the game to new territories.

T20 brought back crowds in County in England. Then through ICL and IPL it has captured the imagination of India and now cricketers are getting paid at levels of other sports. Other countries are also joining the T20 party with BBL, SLPL HRV T20 and even an East African PL and soon to be formed PPL, BPL, APLand South Africa, West Indies & Zimbabwe revamping their T20 competitions bringing more money, more international cricketers.

But if each and every league runs on same format then it may be a over kill and this brilliant effort may be lost. Hence instead of helping as a third thrust cricket may end back in obscurity. Hence the answer is innovations.

Few innovations have been used in IPL and many have been proposed in BBL. The innovations tried are

  1. Use of music during breaks
  2. Cheer leaders used in cricket for first time
  3. Orange Cap (Highest Run Getter) and Purple Cap (Highest Wicket Taker)
  4. Strategic time out (Good for broadcasters)
  1. Crowds to get the bowl hit during  a sixer (Similar to Baseball)
  2. A super over in which runs will be doubled
  3. 2 Bouncer in a over
  4. Tweak in field restrictions norms to suit the Batsman and hitting  .
These are quite great innovations. Certain more which I could think off may be
  1. Designated hitter:- A batsman who will be the 12th player and can be used for batting instead of any weak batsman
  2. Super match:- Out of all the league matches team choose 1 match where the points will be doubled. Hence if a win fetched 2 pts a win in chosen super match will give you 4 pts while a loss will give 0 pts
  3. Choose a bowler:- For a particular time the bating team can pick a bowler for 1 over. The list of 5 bowlers has to be submitted in advance
  4. Hitting Zone:- Runs scored through hitting zone will bring in double runs (like max cricket)
  5. Super Fielder:-An additional fielder in an over (If team wants can be coupled with Super over of BBL)
  6. LBW Free Over:- One over where there will be no LBW given.
I am not very good in innovations. I would recommend the readers to add more innovations in the comments and I will add them to the list (Giving due respect to the person who has suggested the same). Looking forward for innovations to drive the game :)

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