Saturday, 25 June 2011

Can Dubai Sharjah host an IPL style league

If a country decides to host an IPL style league then what does it need. First it needs that the local population have interest. Then it needs that it have local infrastructure. An local economy and people willing to invest is so so important. Finally most important the stars in the league required to add glitter and glimmer to league: Both cricketing and other stars.

So what does UAE not have. What did Sharjah not have. In old days it was a front runner on the Glitter and Glimmer. Then the stadiums in Dubai surely are world class. The local population of UAE consists of 75% South Asian population which is cricket crazy. Then finally local economy is one of the key ones in the world and oil money is surplus. Surely it has all the attributes key for a success of an IPL style league (Unless I have missed any point)

So what are the constraints. First of all is the power of BCCI that will not release it stars for such a tournament. Sad but true. To break it we will have have too see the times in FTP when Indian stars and most important local stars(They will be key) will be free. Then the BCCI should be contracted and their objections should be listed and system should be made to overcome this. For all practical reasons this means that business interest of many people in BCCI needs to be addressed. Eg Mr Srinivasan the owner of CSK and BCCI head, if he gets money out of it then BCCI is for it. Such issues not officially spelt out are important for the league.

Then second comes infrastructure. Does UAE have infrastructure. Lets have a look

  1. Al-Jazira Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  2. Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  3. Dubai Cricket Council Ground No. 1, Dubai
  4. Dubai Cricket Council Ground No. 2, Dubai
  5. DSC Cricket Stadium, Dubai
  6. ICC Cricket Academy Ground No. 1, Dubai
  7. ICC Cricket Academy Ground No. 2, Dubai
  8. Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah
What do you call this infrastructure. I call it wow. Test Nations of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe cannot match it. And 2 more stadiums are coming up at Ajman and Al Ain. Then surely teams can be formed on Home and Away basis as the infra is already there. And the best part is all the distances in the country are not far. You don't need flights to have Home and Away matches. A simple coach can fulfill the same very comfortably.

Then about the interest in local population. To start with when Indian and Paki teams played at Sharjah the stadiums had house full. If I look at the demographics of UAE then around 55% of the population is from South Asia. South Asia and cricket. What is the relation. Man it is just cricket crazy. So the population there. Yes most of them are laborers but a T20 match is just 3 Hrs. Bollywood and Cricket Stars can easily draw them.

Finally does UAE has a local economy. HQ of major companies. Oil money in the economy. A GDP of 253 B$ shows that money is there.

Hence this place has all the things to start an IPL league. The local board just has to ensure 2 things
  1. Enroll the business men running in league for the same
  2. Get bollywood stars for all the glitter
These 2 things will ensure will take this league to a stage where it will be a super hit


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