Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chapter 4:-Americas Division 2 (T20) Championship 2011, World Twenty20 Qualifier

After Belize won a promotion to Div 2, it was now time for action. Hosted in Suriname the winner would not only have promotion to Div 1 but also qualification to World Cricket League Div 8. There were 6 teams taking part:- Hosts Suriname, Div 3 promoted Belize, favorites Bahamas and Panama, Turks and Caicos & Brazil.

Bahamas who regularly play in Div 1 were the clear favorites. Suriname and Panama were expected to put some pressure on the favorites.

The tournament went along with 5 team fighting for the top spot. Brazil was outclassed by all teams. Finally Suriname winning 4 of the 5 matches came out on the Top. Panama, Belize and Turks & Caicos Islands ending with 6 points with Panama coming on top on Run Rate. The favorite's Bahama had a dismal tournament with just winning 2 games and 4 points.

The final points table was

                   P   W   L  Pts      NRR
Suriname           5   4   1    8     0.32
Panama             5   3   2    6     1.36
Belize             5   3   2    6     0.92
Caicos     5   3   2    6    -0.19
Bahamas            5   2   3    4    
Brazil             5   0   5    0    

The final was a 50 over match and winner would qualify for Div 1 and also WCL Div 8 also. Suriname defeated Panama to the cheer of the supporting crowd winning the tournament.

The Final Standing was as follows
1. Suriname
2. Panama
3. Belize
4. Turks & Caicos Islands
5. Bahamas
6. Brazil

The Div 1 will be played in July with Canada, Bermuda, USA, Argentina, Cayman Islands & now Suriname joining them. The top 2 teams besides Canada will qualify for ICC World T20 Qualifiers. The stage is set and looking for a exciting race. 

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