Thursday, 7 April 2011

ICC decision is so pathetic

Monday afternoon I read a news on cricinfo:- ICC to consider a 12 team 2015 World Cup. I was so happy to read it. I was really positive it will happen. Associate will be given a chance. I was also hopeful that even if ICC goes for a 10 nation World Cup, they will mean a World Cup and give a chance to include associates.
And then I was travelling in a bus. On my bb I can just receive mails and no net. I got an update:- ICC to have 10 nations 2015 WC. Ireland to miss the tournament. I thought CNN IBN is reporting the old news. I was so sure that it will not happen. Next day morning I reach my house. Put channel no 302 on Airtel DTH (CNN IBN). Again could see the same news. Again though the same.
Then hell broke loose. Opened my laptop. Opened my favourite cricket site:- cricket europe and see the shocking news. It was true. The happiness of India winning the WC lost in just 2 days. Yes 2 days. It was so sad and shocking for me.

I blame this whole thing on Mr Sharad Pawar. As I know selfish are people from his state and he is a reflection of that, he brought that same thing into ICC. Sports is not business alone. True it needs money but it just does not need money alone. I hope as I read at many places, a case in arbitration of sports can have ICC in trouble and I hope so that happens. I hope over time it becomes a 12 nations World Cup. If not I am not watching this world cup.

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